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The Ipikai Poetry Journal is an initiative of the Zimbabwe Poets Society. We publish poetry primarily from Zimbabwe and by Zimbabweans living around the world.

We also publish special issues where we have open calls for poets from elsewhere around the world.

Our Mission

To make Zimbabwean poetry more visible and accessible locally and around the world and to make an impactful contribution to the global community of poets.

Publishing Schedule

The journal publishes one issue every quarter. That’s the general idea, but the schedule may vary for different reasons. See our submissions page for more information.

Each issue has a specific theme and the poetry that most fits in with the current theme will be considered first for the respective issue.


Send Us Your Poetry

We are constantly looking for new poetry and new poets.

About the Zimbabwe Poets Society

The Zimbabwe Poets Society works to develop, document and amplify Zimbabwean poets and their work.

Poet Membership is open to all Zimbabwean poets, wherever they live in the world.

Advocate Membership is open to any individual or group of individuals from anywhere in the world who believe in poetry and want to support the poetic cause.

Alliance Membership is open to any organization that wants to commit any sort of resources to working with the Zimbabwe Poets Society achieve its goals.

Visit the Zimbabwe Poets Society website for more information.


On Peace

Freedom Nyamubaya

Let my hands work
My mouth sing
My pencil write
About the same things my bullet aimed at.

Freedom Nyamubaya