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Lindsay Nyabereka

Lindsay goes by the Nom de Plume ‘M^h’; mind ‘to the power of’ the heart.   M^h is a Creative Writer and Educator who often refers to herself as a truth-seeking, soul-searching storyteller. She believes in the power of words to perceive, create, and destroy all forms of life. Ultimately she is concerned with the human condition, and this is evident in her work. Her work allows her to feel deeply, without judgment and to speak when no one else will. She has recently self-published and debuted her poetry collection, What my body knew. Preceding this are her chapbooks Human Nature and Of Lilith and Delilah. Her works are available as both e-books and paperbacks on Amazon and from the author. M^h is the founder of if YOU would listen; an arts community with a focus on personal-collective self-realization and psycho-spirituality, and Healing with Words; a platform offering creative writing services and connection.