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Tinashe Muchuri

Tinashe Muchuri is an actor, blogger, journalist, performer, poet, storyteller, writer and a Shona consultant with a keen interest to arts and indigenous knowledge systems. He is the author of an anti-novel titled Chibarabada (2015) and two children’s books. Zvipfuyo Nevana Vazvo (2013) and Auntie Mazvita (2021). He enjoys writing in Shona and researches around the knowledge systems of the Shona people. He has freelanced for several media houses online and print. His poetry in both English and Shona appear in several online and print publications across the globe. He also appears in several films and television dramas among them ‘Nyaminyami and the eggs of the evil’, ‘Playing warriors’, ‘Tanyaradzwa’, ‘Tiriparwendo’ and ‘Vhunze’.