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Home » Poetry » Issue 2 » Meet Me In Gaza

Meet Me In Gaza

A lone leaf spins with the raging current
Down Runde River meandering whimsically,
Entrapped in the roaring throat
That ebbs and surges; tosses and nudges
To regurgitate in the Indian Ocean.

With a desolate routine unbroken
By the river, I hold an endless post.
Fascinated by the flowing phenomenon;
I sigh to soothe a nostalgic heart;
That is empty with yearning for where
My umbilical cord is buried.

The frantic and eerie voice of loneliness’
Overblown lips haunt an ethereal soul
Flirting with all but vanity.
For, the unbridled call of hushed nature
To a child in the maze of carnal frolic
Is best ignored only with acquiescence!

Where the sun from slumber stirs
And ignites the world with radiance
Where merchant ships dock and eliminate
All what their fat bowels hold
Where the smell of fish and fish eaters
With dismal symbiosis abound;

Where no flag is raised except shredded leaves
Of coconut palms in the wind’s bidding
But, with vitality and with life endowed
Where the azure sky and emerald ocean
Meld to a paradisiacal kaleidoscope;
There, take my soul and end my misery!