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Home » Poetry » Issue 3 » I understand now

I understand now

And I give thanks,
to the trials and tribulations that saw to it that I arrive to this moment unscathed,

this moment where i can tell if it’s the warm sun that rests upon my face,
blinding my eyes because i need not focus on anything else but my sanity,
that which is threatened day by day,
by the constant ignorant raving about dear old coin,
what we all want but don’t really need
I understand now that I’m not here for greed
nor am i here to win that which won’t save me from within,

I’ve been remade still with fault,
but freed from all regrets,
and now i can feel the cold water on my face for what it truly is—
an element of life,
i need not stress over the petty things,
but whether or not my words have managed to save a soul today,
I hunt and live for such fulfilment now,
and perhaps it won’t hurt as much when my already damned soul is tossed to the flame,
but know this:

I still would have lived.

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