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Call for Submissions | Thank God It’s Friday

Ipikai - Call for Submissions - Issue 3 - Thank God It's Friday!

Thank God It’s Friday!

From time immemorial, people have been defined by their vocations, whether these vocations are the hobbies or nine to five jobs.

Hate it or love it, your graft is where you spend most of your time. From The Office type workplace shenanigans to work spouses and board room takeovers, the workplace is a home away from home and as such, has its own cultures and values that either inspire the loyalty of employees or drive uninspired workers to quiet quitting.

From the camaraderie of blue-collar workers singing ‘Shosholoza’ on the job to the whirring aircons of corporate offices, we all have something to share about our work experiences and as we wrap up the 2022 financial year, Ipikai invites you to explore your relationship with your job in our December Issue. Give us your boardroom takeovers, your lunchtime anecdotes and your heroes and heroines smashing the glass ceiling.

You’ll find the submission details here.