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Thank God Its Friday

I’m on the night shift
Night life, night crawler
That’s how my life be…
Bring on the night,
Star by star, we go through life
Hustling, fighting for that bread
Living every day to get to the weekend
When I can take a chill pill, unwind, breathe
And thank God it’s Friday.

Can’t wait to let my hair down
Shoot some hoops and hang with mates
Hit the town and paint it red
Live a little, forget about deadlines
Get my dancing shoes on
Sing my heart out like there’s no tomorrow
Friday is my favorite day, the best of days
How I wish every day was Friday
But alas! My fantasy is overtaken by reality
But I won’t surrender, and I won’t fall
Cause once we hit Monday
Friday is so much closer
As I count down to my most favorite day of ALL.

I live and breathe to see Friday
With a spring to my step knowing,
You are so close, yet so far away
But I keep on, keeping on
One day closer, one step closer
Till I can throw my hands in the air,
Smile at nothing at all
See the beauty of his splendor
Take the leap and hold my breath
Excited by what new adventures the next Friday holds for me—
Will I kiss a stranger?
Shake hands with the president?
Travel the world?

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