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Home » Poetry » Issue 3 » Thank God It’s Friday!

Thank God It’s Friday!

Thank God it’s Friday,
You are all I have now here
in these greener pastures.
I work, I sweat, I hunger, I thirst:
What a Monday Morning it was
Tuesday was just as bad
Wednesday even worse!
Nothing thrilling at all on
Thank God it’s Friday
The sweet girls are here again,
I’ve become a bachelor again.
I’ll drink like a fish, drown my sorrows in the sea,
Fly like a bird further away from my nest, and
Rest in your arms.
Play the music my friend,
I’m the king of this dance floor:
I spin, I glide, I slide and fall.

Then it’s:
Tell me sweetheart, how
did I end up here?

And it’s Monday morning again,

I repeat the cycle……