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Between You and me

And there I lay fathoming my senses to the emotions of your heart
The giant black tree spun across the street could not block my thoughts of you
Desire, cryogenically stored in cubes in the freezer, awaits your return
Yet even my memory stutters when pronouncing your name
Settling dust will signify your return
Sweet scented roses and blazing red flame-lilies adorning your hair
The idiot dances to the spasmodic rhythm of his shadow dancing with him
The bitch runs in circles in an attempt to bite its tail
Yours I await
But the soldiers return
To his disordered den
Is none of my concern

A predator’s talons missed my face by inches
I dived into a flaming bush that will not burn
And my soul was saved
No need to take off my shoes I had only socks on
The severe look on his face
Made me recite the Ten Commandments
Nothing I said convinced him of the purity of my intentions
Nothing I did conjured the “not guilty” verdict
Mountain air is rich in oxygen
She told me after a bout of asthmatic attacks
We will live in a tree house among the wild
Who kill out of hunger, not jealousy

The ashtray is full of yesterdays dreams unsmoked
Stubs of “to do” lists that were never done
Regrets hanging from a clothesline dripping
My only achievement in life was getting her to nod
Volumes will be written about it
Dozens will be employed to recite it
Multitudes will attend
Draped in pink they will wonder why the only black on you is a veil
But you will tell them oak is good for coffins
Its rich brown texture exudes the great extent of the allure of death
Kleenex will dab your eyes periodically
“It was good while it lasted” You will say in your eulogy

The leopard’s paw knocks me to the ground
Giving me reason to arise
Defiant to both its force and gravity
If the leopard strikes again this time I will fly
The third person on any love scene is usually a serpent
The tree with the coolest shade bears the forbidden fruit (Eden was in the tropics)
Wondering how your heart got broken
In this cold heartless world
Why love in the first place?
I didn’t know love, she told me, until you came to live on this street

The skin of the water surface of a dirty pond
Insulates gills from lungs
The gap between my entry and your sigh is passion
They will watch your step as you walk out of Eden
Watch your every move as you carry Cain in your womb
Knowing that the wages of sin is a murderer in the family
Development is when man brought things from afar
And put them high up (Beyond reach)
When the eagle hovers in the sky there is life below
When vultures dance and make merry there was life before
A road sign in the forest read, “Avoid the leopard’s spoor”
I look at the finishing line and the sun disintegrates into a million twinkling stars

I savor the acrid taste and the bottle becomes 2
This liquor must be served by opticians
Minds jammed in reverse gear talk of sweet memories
Souls blackened by soot feel their way around a smoking rondavel
The firewood is too wet, the race too long
The distance between the starters gun and the finishing line is a full day
Desert horizons are far off
City horizons are high up
Between you and me are mountains of desire, seas of lust and volcanoes of frustrations
A hand waving goodbye, waiting to shake your hand upon your return
Between you and me

The blatant decision came at the end of the day
Raindrops fell in numbers on the rooftops
Uprooted trees swayed in the great wind
They will not know what hit them, what locked them out
To fend and starve in a rich forest
The blazing sun scotching their skins
The rising moon chilling their brains to numbness
There will be a riot at the end of the day when silences speaks
I am the unspoken faults of a lover
The plaque you will not see when she smiles
The bad breath you will not smell when she kisses
Cogito ergo sum
He said finally, prosaically

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