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Home » Poetry » Issue 2 » The phloem & xylem of my convalescing spirit

The phloem & xylem of my convalescing spirit

My yearning heart is a fiddlehead
        Lilting in the breath of spring,
Dancing beneath the sun’s hasty rays
        In fervour of a homecoming.
The upward turn of your lips,
        Crescent moon at midsummer dusk
Glimmering over sun-ripe loquats in my sopor.
        Caressing the gaze of your crinkling eyes,
Phloem & xylem of my convalescing spirit.
        Your touch, late rain on dust
Your voice, crunch of feet on thirsty sands.
        Your tongue spells oaths of twinkling tomorrows
And thaws rimes in my spine with tranquil warmth,
        Stripping brambles off the bridleway
Between your soul & mine.

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