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Mountains and valleys would just be alleys
I’d walk through,
My mind was way over the fact,
I regret falling in love with you
That I had to flee
To find what was in me

For you,
I’d write across the galaxies my wishes
And when shooting stars burnt into dust
My dreams should sprinkle like vermicelli on cake
Except that you were more of a “chimodho”
It would never make sense
As I struggled to make cents
And travelled to find pennies
Our journeys were so wide apart
Yet you always remained in my heart

For you,
I’d make my dreams come true
Flowing like milk and honey
I’d make plenty of money
To world-remit back to you
To fix a few issues

For you,
I had to run away
For our stories never seemed to resonate
A dreamer kind of girl – me
Would never be free
Forgive me, home, I love you
Even as I leave you
For someone more important

So long, then
Till next spring break
Take care,