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Home » Poetry » Issue 3 » Things come together and fall apart

Things come together and fall apart

We walk and talk
Eager to get there
So that we may say
‘I got there
I am there
I have arrived’

Yet we find ourselves running again
Realising we are ruined again
We’d slowed down,
Warmed down
Because it had come to an end—
The race had ended

Or had it?
We breathe a sigh of relief
And lift our hands in joy

But we realise with disbelief
What we thought was the end
Was only the beginning

We have only just begun:
One minute we laugh
And in another, things get rough
Things come together now
And fall apart just a second after
One minute I am singing
Yet just after a second, I am sinning

When do we arrive?
Does this journey end?
What would happen if it ended?

With all those existential questions
We start running again🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️
Now with a sigh of relief
And a bit of belief
It’s the way to go

Like a game of football,
One minute we attack joyfully and score
Then a second after that
We are back pedaling,
Panting for breath
Cursing vehemently
It is the game of football,
The game of life

We participate, anticipate

Then we accept! 🙏🏿
When we accept
We play with joy
And enthusiasm
And we win, even when we have lost
We are holy even when it seems hollow

We become one with the rabble
That the process rouses
We are whole
And can play anywhere:
Home and away
And win!
Even when things fall apart
They come together