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Home » Poetry » Issue 4 » Decades of Foul Weather

Decades of Foul Weather

For far too long have we been embroiled in this foul weather
The sun has been mad the moon has been insane too
The other time half a decade ago
The sun was forcibly removed and replaced
Yet the persistent nature of chicanery was never released
Could be that all suns have a streak of evil embroidered into their very nature
All suns have a harsh dark side to them maybe

The stars have stayed away from lighting the alleyways upon which we live
Cold freezing weather numbing our minds throughout the season
We barely can reason
Our blood is all frozen we barely can walk
Clamped jaws due to this damned weather
We barely can talk

Wild blasts of vile wind have been throwing dust and shrapnel into our eyes
Blocking the only sight that would lead us out of this quagmire
Some hailstorms have behaved as if they are keen on sending all of us to hell
Sometimes the wind gales have lifted the roofs away from this little shelter our havens
We have had to keep building and rebuilding these our hovels

Who to tell
Who to report this foul weather and be listened to€
Could it be that we could write letters of protest to the powers that be
Maybe then we could be listened to
Or report all the elements for consistent bad behavior
Could the Member Of Parliament for our constituency ever take a listen to this?
Could be that we need a complete overhaul of this weather
Some in the universe have their weather changed every once in a while without fail