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Home » Poetry » Issue 4 » Courage, Dear Heart

Courage, Dear Heart

Moments of silence birthed the dawn of uncertainty.
Hearts laid bare in the winters of our reality.
But who are we really?

There was a freedom I’d hoped to obtain by my honesty
But instead I’m anxious about how you see me?
Even though I want you to really see me.
We crave the truth but to what gain?

You flow in and out my thoughts
Replaying the hurt,
Building resilience, I say to myself.
How is it I could be brave and powerless in the same breath?

I understood the folly of perfection
Yet could not resist the urge to be everything to you.
The broken parts in me needed the fantasy.
Yet, I fell so low of my own standards.

I take in the crispy spring air
And with it, the pain of my now.
Knowing there is no path,
Only a desire to start again,
trust again.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Courage, dear heart.