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Home » Poetry » Issue 4 » New Hope

New Hope

verdant valleys offer soft showers of rain after a drought
chirping crickets and deafening singing birds
silence the drought of yesterday

daffodils rise to touch the blue sky
beautiful scent left in turgid clouds
dry clouds swallowed in petals of sweet nectar

bees too busy to sting the honey poacher
flowers are plenty no need to waste a sting
tomorrow in arboretums we spread our wings and suck again

and here we are into tomorrow again
flowers still very fresh and rivers still flow
fresh fish leap to kiss the air

toads croaking and duck quacking
as if to alert fish to impending line and hook
the boy harbours no worries to toad warnings

the river is full i will fish and fish he says
and a line and a net he casts to the delight of the girls
this is a man we will not go hungry the girls say.