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Home » Poetry » Issue 4 » Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard

when that time does come
and you know
this was indeed your time
but still you are still here
and you do not know;

how from that wreckage you came unscratched?
how from that hospital bed with all its shots
intravenous and catheters
you are no longer peeing in a bag
and shitting on the sheets?

when you know that crush you had on her
will be the crash that will take you down
but still the only down you have is the nimbly fingers
squeezing your ass to tighten your anatomy
in that whore with all sorts of things

leading you into that hole with all lost keys
and you still find you are on top of her
as you are on top of your supposedly mountain world
riding high more soul trains of missed amore
more trails of a mole selling your soul

but still you find your self
standing on soil mounds
hoe dug from your hole to be home
and not laid to rest
count yourself a lucky bastard!